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The mission of the Cyber Sleuth Science Lab is to engage high school students with the knowledge, tools and experience needed to pursue careers in the expanding field of Digital Forensic Science.


Digital Forensic Science, the structured process of scientific inquiry used to investigate cybercrime, and cyber security…

  • has the fastest growing career opportunities in computer science.
  • is multidisciplinary by nature building on the foundation of all of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.
  • has applications in information technology, cyber security, and criminal justice which can lead to different careers in diverse industries.

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Program Objectives
Meet the Team
Partners and Advisors
Involvement Opportunities

College, Career and Life Ready

STUDENTS using the Cyber Sleuth Science Lab…

  • are cast in the role of an investigator and assigned missions to solve real-world case scenarios. The Cyber Sleuth Science Lab is filled with in-depth training, video tutorials, digital forensic software tools, and expert tips to help students solve each mission and present their findings.
  • learn about privacy and digital citizenship. Incorporated into each mission are questions and information to help students consider privacy implications and using technology responsibly.
  • are encouraged to explore careers in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security through highlighted Educational Pathways and a Role Model Mentor Network.
  • are supported by in-class facilitators and teachers who have been professionally trained.

For EDUCATORS the Cyber Sleuth Science Lab includes…

  • professional development for on-site teachers.
  • facilitators assigned to each teacher to assist them with setting up and teaching the curriculum.
  • modularly designed curriculum so that it can be used in-school, after-school or part of educational camps and summer programs.


Get Involved

If you are interested in being a part of a camp or workshop, learning more about how the Cyber Sleuth Science Lab can be used in your organization or school OR being involved as a role model, mentor or facilitator, contact us.

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